The Ultimate Stroller Guide for New Parents


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There are a variety of strollers available in the market for kids of different ages and for all kinds of outings and travelling. It usually happens that parents find it difficult to make the right choice out of the variety of models of strollers. Parents have to look for a stroller that is equally comfortable for their kids as well as easy to handle for themselves, too.


New parents have so many questions in their mind regarding the strollers for their baby. They are keen to know, how to choose a durable stroller with useful accessories and features and also how to maneuver and handle each stroller. Some new parents have to buy strollers online so they would like to know about different types of strollers and the pros and cons of each type. In this article, we have discussed general features and models of stroller especially for new parents.

Various types of baby strollers

1. Universal Baby Stroller

This type of stroller has a metallic frame with wired support and netting to fix any type of car seat, booster or bassinet in the frame. Universal baby stroller is one of the basic types of strollers with no additional features and it does not possess the effective stability. For this reason, it is not suitable for outdoor purposes. However, universal strollers are quite cost effective.

2. Active Baby Stroller

An active baby stroller is specially designed to use it outdoors and withstand terrains. The parents who are quite active and have to travel outside a lot. While they jog or travel, outdoors, their babies will be enjoying the ride in the stroller. Active baby strollers are both quite durable and costly, too.

3. Lightweight Baby Stroller

A lightweight baby stroller is a mid ranged and a medium sized stroller with cozy seat for your baby and easy-to-push feature for you. This type of stroller is quite popular in new parents and it is available in the market in a variety of designs and price range, depending upon its quality of material and other accessories.

This type of stroller is equipped with various accessories and storage areas. Since these are lightweight, they cannot be used on rough terrains and uneven paths.

4. Umbrella Baby strollers

Umbrella baby strollers are extremely lightweight and specially designed for indoor purposes, since they cannot be used on bumpy roads and rugged terrains. This type of stroller is extremely compact and cheap and it does not offer many accessories like other standard baby strollers.

Stroller safety tips for new Parents

Although baby strollers are equipped with safety belts and shock absorbers, parents have to be careful themselves while maneuvering to ensure the safety of the babies inside the strollers. We have summarized some safety tips which will be quite useful especially for new parents. By following these safety tips, your baby will not get hurt in an accident while in the stroller.

1. Keep the baby stroller near you

The more you keep the baby stroller near you; the less likely that it will roll away or tip over. Plus, you will be able to handle it timely before any accident happens.

2. Adjust the brakes of the strollers properly

When you are going to settle down at a spot and you want to keep the stroller still, you have to adjust its brakes properly. Follow this precaution since the roads might be a bit slant and the stroller can roll away if you are not being attentive.

3. Buckle your toddler inside the stroller

Infants and toddlers need ultimate care when you put them inside the stroller or infant car seats. Make sure that the seats are comfortable enough for your baby. You can put the safety belt over them while they nap or sit in the stroller. The belt should be strong enough to keep your baby in position especially on bumpy roads to avoid any injury.

5. Keep the bags under the seat to keep the balance

The standard baby strollers usually have storage areas beneath the seat to keep your hand bags and diaper bags in it while you go outdoors. However, some baby strollers do not have such storage baskets and the only option left for parents is to hang the diaper bags on their handles. Parents have to make sure that the stroller does not tip over due to the weight of the diaper bags hung on one side of the stroller.

6. Never ignore broken parts

Strollers are often used outdoors and folded and unfolded multiple times. During this, some part of the stroller can get cracked or broken. Parents should not overlook such parts and amend any damage to the stroller right away for the safety of their baby.

7. Tires should be air tight

For the ultimate safety of your babies, you should make sure that the tires of the stroller are not flat when you go outdoors.

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