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How does a parent feel when they realize that their kids seem to be growing more and more each day? Definitely not an easy pill to swallow, right? Parents only want to make sure that they provide all the best things for their children — and it all starts even before they are born into the world.

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However, many parents feel the real financial burden of having kids the moment that they are born. They have to purchase a lot of gears and equipment but even if they come with a price tag, parents are comforted in the fact that these purchases are only done to ensure the safety and comfort of their kid.

Among the most important purchases you will ever make as a parent is a baby stroller.

How do you choose the right stroller? What about if you have twins or two kids of different ages? How do you find the perfect stroller that will fit everyone’s need and preferences?

Enter the Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogger.

Why should you choose it, you ask? Well, in a nutshell, let’s just say that this product helps in providing both you, the parent, and your kids the best in protection and comfort everytime you use it.


You might not be convinced about this product just yet. Don’t worry, that’s exactly why we’re here. Reviews always help people make the best decisions before they make their purchases which is probably why you are reading this article.

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How exactly does this double stroller fare? Let us weigh both advantages and disadvantages of this product:

Advantages of the Schwinn Turismo

  • The Schwinn Turismo stroller can be kept inside the car and taken out easily no matter what the occasion or destination. Whether you are walking along a paved road around the neighborhood or a rather uneven trail in a nearby park, your baby’s safety is ensured the entire time they are strapped inside the stroller.
  • Worried about your kids getting too heavy for their stroller? Don’t be. This mean machine can accommodate kids comfortably and you can even still push it without a hitch — yes, it doesn’t matter whether you are walking, jogging or running because it moves along smoothly.
  • The front wheels for this double jogger can be adjusted quickly and easily and ensure that your kids are balanced inside. Certainly, you would not want your stroller to suddenly tip over, especially if your little ones are strapped in, right?
  • If you are intimidated at the thought of pushing a heavy load on uneven terrain or an uphill road, don’t be. The Schwinn Double Jogger is lightweight and can easily carry heavy babies so you can just exert minimal energy. Go and focus on your breathing and pacing as your jog, run or walk briskly.
  • We love that this product comes with many different colors. Parents still have to show their individual styles and preferences, right?

Special Features of the Schwinn Turismo

  • This double jogger from Schwinn is perhaps the best for jogging and running with kids. You can go out, even on the roughest terrains, without worries because it is designed to be very sturdy and stable. How? Its wheels are made strong so that they can take on rough roads and still maintain balance.
  • Parents also love the Schwinn because it allows them to see their kiddos from behind. It is always a big thing if a parent is able to get a glimpse of the kids from time to time without having to break their running or jogging pace.
  • The stroller’s seats are designed to be big to give ample amount for its passengers to wiggle around comfortably but also without the fear of them falling off. This way, whether your kid is seated or reclined position, they have the freedom to move around without feeling cramped inside a small space.
  • The stroller’s canopy is also huge enough to provide ample amount of protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays as well as the rain. You can use it with ease no matter what the weather is.

Disadvantages of the Schwinn Turismo

  • Obviously, not all products are made to be perfect and the Schwinn Turismo Double Jogger is no exception. One disadvantage, for example, is the front lock that is rather difficult to see.
  • Additionally, the foot brakes for this stroller is made of a metal rod that can pose a safety risk to your child. Do make sure that both kids are strapped in properly and securely when you are jogging, running or even walking using this stroller.
  • Although the storage compartment at the bottom is quite huge, it can be uncomfortable for the kids to sit on their spots when a large bag is placed. Be sure to use only an adequate size of bag as this could also make the stroller heavier to push.

But, the thing is that the Schwinn Turismo Jogging Stroller is a lot cheaper compared to other brands and types of strollers. You can use it for a long time with your kids or give it away to friends or family afterwards (just make sure that they are still in great condition and that they still fit current standards).

You can never go wrong with your purchase of this double jogger. Not only are you able to keep your physical health in tip-top shape but you also get your kids to see the outdoors — and bond with them in the process.

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