Pros and Cons of Stroller Frame and Travel Frame

Stroller frame systems and travel frame systems are both used by parents for convenience and comfort of their kids while travelling outside. They can carry away their kids in the infant car seat with ease in these stroller systems. Each frame system has its own pros and cons. Parents should purchase the type of frame system that will truly fit their lifestyle. Variety of features are provided by the companies in these frame systems so you can select the one whose features appeal you most.

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Here we have discussed the stroller frame as well as travel system along with their advantages and disadvantages so that the parents find it easy to make a choice between the two:

Travel System: The travel systems include the infant car seat, stroller, car seat bases and additional accessories. The parents can customize their stroller with these multi-piece sets.

chicco-bravo-travel-systemPros of a Travel System

There is a variety of travel systems available in the market with super designs and styles and comprising of a number of features like infant car-seat, stay-in-car base and many others.

The price range of the travel systems depend upon its quality and the feature offered. Parents like the car seat and stroller feature in the travel system a lot. Aside from this, you can also have travel systems with handy features like mug holders, trays and storage areas. Try to find a travel system that can be folded single handedly, has snack trays in front and fully reclined seats for infant babies.

Another feature of the travel system that needs to be considered is the weight limit it can handle. Parents should buy a travel system that can hold the weight of their baby. An average baby weight is about 40 pounds. However, you can find travel systems with weight limits of 50 pounds or even more.

Cons of a Travel System

Many parents especially mothers find travel systems a bit more heavy when it is loaded with some extra features. They find it difficult to carry a baby in the travel system which itself weighs more than 25 pounds. It becomes difficult for the parents to carry this much weight when they have to walk through stairs or travel on some public transport. Some travel systems are difficult to fold and load in the cars.

Some other travel systems are bit larger in dimensions so you cannot fit them in your car, especially when folded and stored along with other stuff. The dimensions and the weight of the travel system should be such that the parents can maneuver it conveniently.

Cheap travel systems usually lack quality steering feature. Even if the infant car seat of the system is pared down, there are not enough features in some travel systems. Some low priced travel systems come up with harness adjustment on the back of the system.

The harness adjustment of the travel system might not be convenient for some parents especially when the baby is in the carrier. This can be a risk to the baby inside. So parents should check out the quality of the travel systems properly.

Some brands have flimsy pair of car seat and the travel system, which usually wear out in a year or two.

There are durability issues in some travel systems too. Due to such issues of dimensions and durability, parents do not like to buy travel systems. However if they survey a bit more, you might be able to find a good quality travel system with fewer issues.

Stroller Frame: Stroller frame is the frame which is specially designed to snap in the infant car seat and use it as a stroller.

chicco-keyfit-caddy-stroller-framePros of Stroller Frame

If you are looking for something that is lighter in weight compared to standard strollers, then stroller frames should be your choice. Stroller frames are also more compact compared to the standard strollers. In stroller frames, the padding and seat mechanism are usually not present, which reduce their weight compared to that of standard stroller. In this way, it is also easier to fold them to a more compact size.

Due to light weight, the stroller frames provide excellent steering and maneuvering but this also depends upon their quality.

Some parents are wise enough to buy an infant car seat and a quality stroller frame separately instead of buying a standard stroller and save some money.

Some stroller frames are available in the market with car seats and some of them are without car seats. Due to this, the price range varies for different brands. Parents can select the stroller frame according to their own needs and budget.

Many parents are not used to handling a stroller before. For them, stroller frames and car seats are a good option to get used to it. They can buy a mid-range stroller frame and a car seat for their convenience and experience of handling a stroller later on.

Parents can also buy a stroller with some extra features like storage area and mug holders. Canopy and single hand folding options are also present in some stroller frames just like standard strollers. These extra features add to the price of the stroller frame.

Cons of Stroller Frame

The stroller frames lack seats which is why parents might prefer standard strollers. Also, the stroller frames cannot be used further when the baby grows up and manages to sit. By that time, you will need to buy another stroller with some good seating mechanism. Many stroller frames are rarely used beyond one year.

Another thing that bothers parents about the stroller frame is that when the baby gains weight, they find it difficult to carry him in the stroller frame and they get exhausted. They will surely look for travel system or a standard stroller that offers a better maneuvering option.

Whether you buy a stroller frame or a travel system, you will have to make sure that provides comfort and safety for everyone and that it is easy on the pocket, too.

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