Lightweight Umbrella Strollers – The Choice of 2017

An umbrella stroller is a lightweight baby stroller that can be folded easily when you want to. Whether you travel often or want to take your infant around in the neighborhood, you will find it extremely simple to use this stroller. You can store small items like bottles, snacks, and others below the stroller.

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Umbrella strollers are popular because they come with an umbrella that protects your baby from the sunlight or rain. You need not panic if you are outside and it starts raining. The strollers are extremely comfortable for babies as they do not recline. They also come in several compact models.


Features you want to know

The best lightweight stroller in the market today must be the one with a wide seat base and eight wheels. This features will help in making the stroller safe to use and easy to maneuver. It would be better if it comes with a 5-point harness that makes it safe when taking your infant outside. There should also be a huge storage console present in the rear of the umbrella stroller to make it easy for you to place bottles, keys, and other things. It must be easy to fold to carry your child in one hand and the stroller in the other.


Selecting a suitable umbrella stroller

Not all strollers will suit you. This is the first thing you ought to know. Just because your friend found a particular stroller comfortable, that does not mean you will find it good, too. Certain factors are a must to enable you to decide on the best lightweight stroller. The first thing to find out is whether it is easy to fold.

Since it is lightweight, you need to be able to move around with it easily. The stroller must be safe when carrying your baby and not topple or unbuckle by itself. The design of the stroller must be such that you have to feel comfortable with it. Usually, strollers do not come in many colors.

You can opt to go for darker shades to easily hide the dust and dirt away.

Things to remember when using an umbrella stroller

Since you are using the best lightweight stroller you really do not have must to worry about its handling difficulties. However, when using the stroller, you will want to ensure maximum comfort for both your infant and yourself. Before you take out your baby for a walk, ensure that the padding is adequate. It is also better if the shoulder straps are padded.

The seat needs to be kept in the right recline position. The balance of the stroller when moving fast should be good and not topple over. The handles of your stroller should be medium sized as it helps you grip the stroller. The stroller must not cause discomfort to you when maneuvering in the park or on the street.

Maintain the umbrella stroller for a long life

To ensure that the stroller has a long life, you will want to avoid rough terrains. Use them on plain surfaces and roads which are even.

As the materials used in making the stroller are durable, there is no need to worry about them, just that you may want to clean them once in a while using a dry cloth.

Advantages of umbrella stroller

  • It can hold children up to 50 pounds
  • It is durable as the materials can withstand abuse
  • The infant seated inside and the parent will not feel discomfort when strolling
  • The seat comes with deluxe pad and a multiple position including a flat recline
  • The canopy is extra large and has a visor extension along with UV 50+ protection
  • The one-hand fold allows you to fold the stroller easily

Being a new mom can be challenging in many ways. Using an umbrella stroller can help you get some fresh air and stretch your legs. It also enables your baby to enjoy the outdoors. That is why it is important that you choose the right stroller that is not only right for you but, more importantly, for your infant.

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