InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller | 2017 Review

Looking after one child can already be a challenging task for parents but what happens when you have twins or an infant-toddler combination? Running errands seem like an impossibility and simply imagining a quick walk around the neighborhood or the nearby park already sounds exhausting.

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Fortunately, parents have a strong and sturdy assistant slash baby sitter in the InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller.

But, with so many double strollers available in the market, how does the InStep Safari differ from the rest? What makes it truly stand out from the crowd?


High Quality Material, Affordable Price

One of the main considerations that parents look into when looking for the perfect stroller for twins is the price tag.

Let’s admit it, not all families are blessed with deep pockets so parents have to make sure that they spend their money wisely — and only in products that are durable, useful and would last them long.

It isn’t quite surprising that the Instep does not disappoint in this aspect because it comes with a very reasonable price and yet its quality is not being compromised. It is made from high quality materials so you can use it with peace of mind.

Great Features

The Instep Safari Double Swivel Stroller has a safety bar in front that ensures your kids stay safely in their seats — they stay firm and unmoved even when you drive the stroller over bumps and rough roads. As its name suggests, the stroller’s front wheels also swivel for easy maneuverability.

Other features that parents love about this twin stroller is that it comes with a huge canopy that protect kids inside their seats. They can also swivel around 180 degrees for maximum control. Of course, it can also be locked in place for added safety to both passengers and driver.

Parents who are worried about safety will rejoice in the fact that it comes with a tether strap which they can put around their wrist. You can go downhill with peace of mind knowing that the double stroller (with your kids securely strapped inside) will not roll away ahead of you.

Additionally, the InStep Safari double stroller comes with spacious seats that can accommodate even kids with a large build. Despite that, this one remains lightweight when you compare them with other similar strollers. They also come with two cup holders for parents and are quite easy to assemble and disassemble. Now that sounds like the ideal product, right?


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Disadvantages of the InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller

Of course, it is not to say that this stroller is a hundred percent perfect. In fact, there are still a few things that this product needs to improve on and we believe this would include the following:

  • The back wheel gears need to be positioned slightly farther away from the brakes. The back wheels has a tendency to pop up when moving along bumpy surfaces, applying the brakes would cause jerking to the stroller which would disturb and even possibly hurt the kids seated inside.
  • The basket under the seats come with a bar across it that makes it rather difficult to stow away huge things. There is no way to remove it so it become irritating for many parents to get their huge diaper bags inside the basket since the bar gets in the way. Getting items in and out can be a struggle.
  • The mobile storage inside the stroller is rather small even for a standard size phone. You can only put car keys in it or other small items and will have to use the cup holder to store your phone — not exactly the safest practice especially when you pass by uneven surfaces.
  • The quality of the tires are also not at its highest. The plastic rim is not strong enough to hold the air inside it so you will have to pump air more often than usual if you want to go out with your kids. The front wheels also have no nozzle attachment so it might require some special equipment to get it filled with air. Obviously, this can be such a hassle for parents who are constantly on the go.
  • Another thing we didn’t quite like about the InStep Safari is its rather fragile backrests. If you tried to apply a little more force to it as you fold the stroller or tighten the safety belts, you put your backrest in danger of breaking. Unless you can guarantee that you are a gentle user, you might be better off with a stroller that can take a little more force and are made of more durable materials.

In Conclusion

The InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller comes with many advantages but it also has a handful of disadvantages.

We love the safety bars in front, the canopy shade and the huge storage basket underneath but we aren’t fans of the bar across the basket, the flimsy backseat material, back wheels and so on.

There is also the easy packing and unpacking of the stroller, which is a huge plus, as well as the small and compact form that it turns into when being stowed away in a car trunk or storage room. This part, however, is still subjective as some car trunks might be too small for this stroller.

In the end, it is truly up to you to choose whether to go for the InStep Safari or not. If you believe that the advantages of this double stroller far outweighs its disadvantages, definitely go for it. You can’t go wrong with purchasing a product this affordable — it is a great stroller to use for casual walks around the neighborhood or to the park or zoo.

With products such as this twin stroller, it is now possible for parents of twins or two kids of different ages to go out with their little ones without having to carry them the entire time. Of course, don’t forget to check out other similar double strollers before you make your final decision. Happy shopping, moms and dads!

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