How To Buy A Suitable Lightweight Umbrella Stroller?

There are several important things that almost everyone will forget to tell you before having a baby.

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When it comes to choosing a stroller, you will probably end up with two, with one being a regular full-size infant stroller and the other being the best umbrella stroller. Strollers are must-have essential thing for all dads and moms. Regular strollers provide all the necessary features while the umbrella strollers are a lightweight and compact version.


This essential parenting piece is needed from the start until the kid starts walking a considerable distance, which should be about the age of three or four.


Generally, the umbrella stroller is the best lightweight stroller available in the market. It weights about twelve pounds or even less and you can fold it up compactly. Having no frills, it may sometimes not have excess padding and may not be very adjustable. Compared to the stroller models that have more features, a good umbrella stroller is usually  less expensive.

Umbrella strollers are best for the older babies and toddlers but families often use it for traveling or as the backup stroller. For infants under six months, it is not suitable as it does not recline fully. The main feature of an umbrella stroller is that it is portable, light and cheap. Fancier ones will have higher costs and weight because of the added features.

Features of a Good Umbrella Stroller

  1. Maneuverability: The best lightweight stroller can be pushed in straight line and also allows easy turning.
  2. Height of handle: For additional comfort, the handles of umbrella stroller have to be slightly below or at the waist.
  3. Reclining seat: This features makes it ideal for napping babies. Unfortunately, very cheap models may not have the reclining function.
  4. Brakes: The brakes of the umbrella stroller must be easily operate-able. While engaging the brakes, its wheels must lock effectively.
  5. Canopy: Highly inexpensive umbrella stroller models have no or little canopy. The more costly ones usually have an adjustable shade.
  6. Harness: The cheapest umbrella strollers have a lap harness while the fancier models have 5-point harness with shoulder straps.
  7. Storage: An under-seat basket is available along with it.

Selection of a Good Umbrella Stroller

While selecting the best umbrella stroller, features and price are the main criteria to be considered. Figure out how much budget you can allocate then filter the top rated brands offering umbrella strollers. See if the essential features like maneuverability, brakes, handle height, harness, stability, canopy, reclining seat, storage feature and more are there.

Things to be taken care of while using an umbrella stroller

There are few matters that have to be remembered when using the best umbrella stroller. For example, never hang stuff on handles of the stroller. If you hang a bag or a purse, there is a chance for the lightweight stroller to tip over. Also take care while folding or unfolding near the child as the hinge mechanisms of stroller can injure the tiny fingers of a child severely.

Maintenance of umbrella stroller for a long life

With proper maintenance and care, umbrella strollers will last for several years. The manual offered by the company during the purchase will give exact information on its maintenance. To clean the straps and fabric, clean it with mild soap and cool water. In case of a full featured stroller, you have to wash it by hand after removing the trays. Wipe the surfaces using the clean towel followed by air drying. This will avoid formation of mold or mildew.

Check for any debris that obstruct axle or wheels and remove them carefully. If required, apply little penetrating oil to the axle. It is essential to inspect for damages like tears, cracks, loose screws, unsafe parts, and stitching. Do examine the stroller thoroughly after and before an extended use. Do tighten the loose parts and replace parts such as trays, front wheels and rear wheel assemblies if needed. Umbrella strollers must never be stored or folded if it is not dried completely to prevent the mold and mildew formation. Before storage, fold it properly.

Advantages of umbrella stroller

There are several advantages of owning an umbrella stroller.

  1. Foldable to a compact size: Strollers in full size take more space than umbrella strollers. It will fill the car trunk. Umbrella strollers can be folded to a small size and can be stored in the trunk of a car or closet of the house easily.
  2. Lightweight: The best umbrella stroller is lightweight. Standard full-size strollers are heavy and hard to handle. Umbrella strollers are best to fold and carry with to any places.


Umbrella strollers are perfect choice for any dad and mom having kids. While buying a suitable umbrella stroller, make sure it provides comfort for the baby. Also the stroller must be lightweight and durable, to make carrying it around very easy. Additional padding of the best umbrella stroller also helps provide a high level of comfort for the baby.

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