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Being a parent is no easy task. There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to your kids and it usually encompasses many aspects of life: financial, emotional, physical and many more.

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But, if you are a new parent, you probably will not think that far ahead into your child’s future just yet. The most pressing concerns during this time is finding the right products that will help keep you and your child comfortable even as you go about your new routines.


Walking around the neighborhood to get some fresh air or running some quick errands at the groceries? You probably will have a hard time doing this with a small kid in tow. Thankfully, there are a lot of tools, gears and equipment especially made to help parents. Such is the Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller.

What makes this product stand out from the rest? Well, there is the fact that it is such a simple and user-friendly item to use that you won’t have a hard time learning how to use it. You can keep your sanity with this product as it keeps your active child securely in place as you go about chores such as buying groceries and so on.

Sure carrying your kid around is great but, let’s face it, this can make your arms and even your entire body really sore especially if your child starts to increase in height and weight.



So, why do we love the Graco  Breaze Click Connect Stroller?

Just the right space for sitting and napping

Finding the right stroller can be very challenging as you need to consider many things.

For example, you have to make sure that the seat is spacious enough to accommodate your growing child so that they can sit and even wiggle around as they try to find a comfortable position. Aside from comfort, you also have to make sure that the actual seat can accommodate up to 50 pounds or so of baby cuteness.

We love that the Graco is able to live up to this and more.

This stroller also comes with a multi-recline position so whether your child is sitting attentively or going down for a nap, there is a comfortable position that will fit them.

Another thing we love about the Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller is that it is very easy and portable. You can assemble and disassemble it with just a few clicks so you can go from strolling to storing within minutes.

Suspension and stability for uneven surfaces

The major concern most parents have about putting children in strollers is safety. One needs to make sure that the stroller is stable and can hold a child properly and securely in place, no matter what the terrain it is being driven on.

With the Graco Breaze Click Connect, the stroller is designed to be stable and the front wheels come with a locking feature as well as suspensions. You would want to make sure that the stroller is able to absorb the bumps along the way so the passenger experiences nothing but a smooth ride. Additionally, this keeps them safe inside. The lock feature also helps further protect the baby and helps make pushing the stroller easier whether you jog, run or just walk.

Parents can simply disassemble this stroller with one hand while keeping their child in the other hand. How convenient is that? This easy storage means that you will never have to suffer from a bad back. You can keep them easily and then store them in your car’s trunk or inside the house.

Comfort for the legs

Each stroller has their own strengths and weaknesses.

When it comes to this Graco stroller, its advantage is in keeping those little legs comfortable. No matter how long the ride or how tough the rode may be, you can be sure that your kiddo’s legs will stay comfortable where they are. The leg rest can easily be adjusted with just the push of a button on either side of the stroller to ensure maximum comfort.

Disadvantages of the Graco Breaze Click Connect:

  • Although we love that this stroller comes with a reclining position, the bad news is that you won’t be able to use up much of the storage space when you do that. Still, kid’s comfort over storage space, right? Just be sure to bring only the right amount of things that you need for your quick trip.
  • On another note, this could mean that you won’t be able to go on longer or farther trips because of the limited storage that you have underneath.
  • The handle for this stroller is also a little hard to adjust so if you are a tall person, you might have a hard time getting used to the height of its handlebars.

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In conclusion:

We still highly think that the Graco Breaze Click Connect stroller is a great product for parents looking for an awesome stroller for their kid.

This one costs just $140 so it does not really burn a huge hole in the pocket. Plus, it comes with quite a number of features so you can be sure that you can truly get your money’s worth.

But, just like shopping for any other product, be sure to read through the specifications as well as the reviews for this stroller to get more insights. What may work for others may not work for you so be sure to weigh the pros and cons properly. Think about the comfort it provides for both you and your kid and you should be able to make the right decision.

Happy shopping!

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