Delta Children City Street Side by Side | 2017 Review

Do you believe that having a stroller can do wonders in your life as a parent? The truth is that it can.

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Perhaps you have been considering going out of the house to take a breathe of fresh air and stretch your legs but just could not with two kids in tow. How do you possibly get out of the house when you have twins or an infant and toddler? Well, the Delta Children City Street Side by Side can help you.

As a parent, you will no longer be just concerned about your health but also those of your little kids. And, when it comes to baby gears and equipment, you would definitely want to make sure that these things are safe and can give all the protection that you would want for your child.

But, what makes this double stroller so special? Why will you even consider getting this for your family? We will try to convince you.



Key features

  • What is great about this Delta Children stroller is that it comes packed with amazing features that will be beneficial both for the parent and the kids.
  • First of all, the material used in the construction of this equipment is just excellent. You can be sure that they are strong and durable and can accommodate heavy kids (up to a certain weight, of course) and can take quite a beating.
  • The stroller’s wheels are thicker and wider compared to most umbrella strollers so they offer better protection for your child.
  • The wheels are also designed to span three rows which help in making sure that the stroller stays balanced even with two kids inside it. This way, you can feel comfortable knowing that it will not suddenly tip over especially if both of your kids are strapped inside.
  • The seats can be adjusted independently so you can cater to each child’s needs and preferences without affecting the other. One may be napping while the other just sitting down and you will not have any problem at all.
  • While the pocket for the stroller is rather small, it should be noted that they are present on both sides. We love that it is able to hold just about anything very easily so you can go strolling around the neighborhood or go to a nearby park or zoo without worries.


Plus Points for the Delta Children

One of the best things that we love about this twin stroller is that each seat can be adjusted independent of the other. This means that you can provide the best comfort to your kids whether they are asleep or not.

It also has just the right amount of pockets to allow you to bring all the necessary items for a quick walk around the neighborhood. There is even a cup holder for the parent!

The Downside to the Delta Children

Being an twin umbrella stroller, you cannot really expect a lot of bells and whistles to be included in this product. Yes, it does a great job in fulfilling its purpose which is transporting two kids at the same time but it does not come with other frills.

For starters, this Delta Children twin stroller does not have child trays. Snacking and giving water to your kiddos might be a challenge but you can just do it when you stop by the park.

The strollers’ canopy also comes with a European design and does not provide a lot of protection to your kids. It might be slightly problematic if you go out under the intense heat of the sun or when it starts to drizzle. Try to see if you can get additional accessories to keep your children protected from the elements.

Lastly, as an umbrella twin stroller, you might also have to remember that this is designed to be lightweight and to be used only for very quick trips. It does not have a storage basket underneath the seats so you’ll have to wear your diaper bag over your shoulders.

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In Conclusion

We still think that this Delta Children double umbrella stroller is able to do its purpose. Sure, it does not have a lot of features up its sleeve but if you are a parent who is simply looking for a stroller that can hold both of your babies at the same time, without having to cost a fortune, then go for this product.

Its European canopy design also helps make it look elegant and stylish — you will definitely turn heads when you walk by with this stroller.

The Delta Children stroller is great for parents who are on a budget and for those who are looking for a backup stroller that is not bulky and a pain to use. This double umbrella stroller is lightweight, stylish, elegant and modern and is definitely worth your money.

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