Britax B-Agile Double Stroller | 2017 Review

Double strollers are the most essential equipment if you have children and you want to take them outside. The beauty about these pieces of equipment is that it allows you to take two of your kids at the same time without having to worry for their safety and without you having a hard time. Double strollers allow you to enjoy walks and quick strolls around the neighborhood, so it is good for you and your kiddos.

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Despite their double designs, strollers nowadays have gotten lighter, smaller and more stylish. They are also made from very high quality materials and are quite easy to use. Not only will your babies feel good about being able to go outside but you will also love being able to stretch your legs. You might probably think about having a third baby soon.

With so many double strollers available in the market, which one do you choose?

The Britax-B-Agile double stroller is one of the first choices for those who have two babies. Its features and design make it a very comfortable and convenient choice not just for the kids but also for the parents.


1. The best features of product ever

The Britax B-Agile stroller features a great design that can fit two children quite comfortably. Just check out why you might want to consider using this stroller:

  • It is rather light in weight compared to other similar strollers and the height is easy to adjust. This makes it easy to handle no matter what dimensions the doors and hallways are.
  • The Britax is very easy to use, even as a double stroller. No doubt using this on your children will make things easy for your kiddos and you.
  • The seats of the Britax B-Agile double stroller even accommodates  newborn children. How great is that? You no longer have to worry about getting a separate stroller that will allow your infant to snugly fit inside.
  • The design of the stroller allows air to properly circulate around it. The windows not only allow proper ventilation but will also let parents see their children from behind so there is no need for parents to worry constantly.
  • The wheels of this stroller is also designed to provide a smooth ride to your kiddos even along the roughest terrains. This helps you save energy and time.
  • If you are wondering about its capacity for long term use, you should definitely consider getting the Britax-B for your family.

2. The perfect design and using it

  • What we love most about this stroller design is that it comes with huge wheels that help provide balance to the equipment. This way, you do not have to worry about it tipping over suddenly, even if your kids are being rough as they are strapped inside.
  • This double stroller looks very elegant and modern and provides a smooth ride to its passenger even in the bumpiest roads.
  • You can use this double stroller the way you would use two regular strollers. Even if the kids have a difference in their size and weight, they will still remain balanced and even while riding the stroller.
  • This stroller comes with an adequate amount of storage at the bottom so even if you go strolling or jogging, you can have everything you need stuffed in a diaper bag placed in the storage basket underneath.
  • Another reason why you might want to consider this double stroller is that it folds quite easily making it one of the best double strollers in the market. You get to enjoy your time as a family and not have to worry about transporting or storing it in the car trunk or inside the house.
  • Even if one of your kids or both of them fell asleep during one of your quick trips, you do not have to worry. You can easily adjust the seat’s recline position so they can remain napping comfortably inside.
  • Aside from the fact that its recline position is ideal even for newborn babies, it is also very easy to use — you can even let it recline using just one hand. Simple and neat, right?


3. A few things the Britax-B-Agile double stroller should improve

  • Sadly, there are no deep pockets to provide additional storage for the parents.
  • Another major disadvantage is that it only exclusively allows Britax infant car seats to be installed in it. If you do not have one, then you will have to buy another car seat or go for another stroller to go with your current car seat. This makes it not exactly an ideal choice if you are constantly on the road.
  • The harness of this double stroller tends to be very tricky to fasten and may need some mastery. It could easily break, too.
  • This isn’t really a jogging stroller so even though it can protect both kids from rough terrains, it isn’t the most ideal type of stroller if you love bringing your kids while you jog. If you love jogging especially on very rough terrains, you might be better off with a stroller that it is truly designed for the job.

Despite these, we still believe that the Britax-B Agile double stroller is a good choice for parents of twins or kids of different ages who want to keep them safe.

This double stroller costs only around $359 so parents are given the peace of mind that their kids stay safe without the equipment costing them an arm and a leg. They might just be able to allocate their savings for more important purchases and expenses.

Additionally, the Britax-B double stroller is a very sound investment as it can be used for long periods of time — from birth up to toddlerhood. This way, you do not have to constantly buy different stroller models as each of your kid grows up. This helps save you the money from your purchases and the headache from deciding which model to go for.

Interested yet? Well, check out the Britax-B double stroller over at Amazon to get more information and to see more reviews about it.

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