The Best Sit and Stand Stroller for Infant & Toddler | 2017 Reviews

Why do you need the best sit and stand stroller?

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It can certainly look a bit unusual for a few parents but a sit and stand stroller is just right for all those who have two children of different ages. The front seat in this stroller is for the younger one while the back seat is for the older sibling as it allows them to stand on a platform. It’s just perfect for parents with a toddler and baby. With a sit ‘n stand stroller, they don’t have to purchase two strollers anymore; one would do just fine.


Look at three basic convenience factors: it must be compact, maneuverable, and lightweight. Some models have rubber tires while others have ball-bearing wheels. Regardless of which one you choose, both types are easy to control.


Moms who have to carry two kids must bring several things with them such as jackets, extra bottles, diaper bags, towels, and other supplies. Plus, the parent might also need to store a cell phone, keys and an organizer, among other things. There’s no end to what parents and their children might need so ensure that there’s adequate space in the sit ‘n stand stroller you are considering.

How Easily Can You Store the Stroller?

Managing two children at the same time can be a hassle in itself. The mom could certainly do without the additional trouble of packing it up and storing it. The sit ‘n stand stroller needs to fold easily so that it can be carried with ease. You should be able to fold it with just one hand so that the infant can be carried with the other.


This is a no-brainer, really. You will naturally have to ensure that the children are safe in their stroller. Ensure these features in the model: front wheels that lock, 8-inch rear wheels, 7-inch front wheels, rear brake that is foot activated, 5-point harness padded seat and a removable sun canopy. Advanced models, of course, have many other great features.

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1. Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller


This is probably the most compact and lightweight model you can find. Weighing at just 21 pounds, this stroller is 20% lighter than most others. It’s so maneuverable that you can easily navigate through even the tightest corners.

There are as many as three recline position in the front seat. The older child can stand easily at the rear even when the front seat is reclined to the lowest position. The older child also has the freedom of selecting between sitting, standing and walking. Additionally, this comes with a big storage basket and a parent organizer and its child tray has two cup holders. The car seat adapter also snaps easily.

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2. Graco RoomFor2 Stand and Ride Classic Connect Stroller


This stroller comes with built-in suspension in the front wheels that allow easy maneuverability. These swivel wheels can be locked for protection, which is especially needed for uneven surfaces. Both the seats can hold till about 50 pounds individually.

Graco RoomFor2 Stand and Ride’s front seat can be adjusted to several positions while at the back there is a bench seat with a standing platform as well as a 3-point harness and handles for added safety. The stroller is made of metal and plastic. The seats are easy to clean and are the machine washable. Unfortunately, this gear only comes in one color: black.

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3. Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller


This one is a really versatile sit ‘n stand stroller. Its real platform stand-on design is the result of some smart patented designing. It is compact and easily maneuverable. The child at back can easily turn around to rest on its padded back seat if he is tired from standing. The trigger-fold design works without a hitch.

This stroller comes with a car seat attachment that fits with all makes and models, a most thoughtful addition. Other features include two cup holders, child tray, and a big storage basket. Strolling with two children is easy as ever with this one.

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4. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller


With two small children, you should certainly have a sit and stand stroller — it just makes perfect sense.  The Baby Trend Sit N Stand stroller is made of metal and nylon and can take a weight of 50 pounds for each child, perhaps a bit more. The child at the back can either stand or sit, whatever the mood, and older children can also access the front easily. This stroller features foot-activated brakes, a child tray that easily swings and a very convenient and large basket. This sit ‘n stand stroller is available in many colors – Carbon, Phantom, Elixir and Millennium.

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