The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Stroller

buying a stroller

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To buy a stroller is not an easy task. When you are about to buy one, you will have to look for the features, design and comfort that it offers. This is just like buying a car for yourself where you have to make a choice between different models and options. There are different types of strolling devices available in the market, including single or double strollers, travel systems, stroller frames and infant car seats. Some types of strollers contain a combination of two or more strolling devices. If you buy the SUV of strollers for your child, you will get a travel system along with a conventional stroller and an infant car seat.

Various types of strollers

Many parents are unaware of the different options available when it comes to strollers and travel systems for their babies. It might not be easy for them to fold it, adjust the handles or fit it in the trunk, since they are not used to it generally. They end up randomly buying one resulting in them to being able to handle it properly.

We decided to sum up all the types for strollers and travelling system for the parents in this article, so that they are able to look for different features available in each type and know about the pros and cons of each device, too. In this way, they will be able to make a better choice before purchasing one.

This article is an ultimate guide for the parents who are about to buy the stroller for the very first time. All the types of strollers and their pros and cons have been briefly discussed below.


Variety of Strollers

1. Travel systems


A travel system is a complete stroller system with a combination of an infant car seat and the stroller. The parents can use the travel system throughout the infancy as well as the toddlerhood of their baby. You can lock the infant car seat to the stroller and easily maneuver it to anywhere. Once you feel that your baby can balance himself enough, you can detach the stroller from the infant car seat and use it alone like a standard stroller. The travel system is an economical choice because of this.

Pros of Travel System: The travel system is simply an inclusive combination of a stroller and infant car seat. This system can save you money compared to buying the products separately. Aside from this, your baby will enjoy the smooth and comfortable ride in the travel system and good coverage too.

Cons of Travel System: Most parents find travel systems bulky and a bit heavy compared to other types of strollers. Parents have to carefully select the travel systems that contain both the infant car seat and stroller and ensure that they are made up of high quality material.

Price range of travel systems: Different quality travel systems are available in the market within the price range of $150 to $500.

2. Standard Strollers

Pros of Standard Strollers: Standard strollers come with easy-to-fold and handle options. They are comparatively lighter in weight and easier to maneuver. These standard strollers have a variety of designs and styles. You can find one from high quality, lightweight strollers to mid-range umbrella strollers. Some standard strollers are convertible with an option to switch from stroller to carriage and vice versa with just a few easy flicks of your wrist.

Cons of Standard Strollers: Standard strollers cannot be used for infant babies, since they usually cannot provide proper support and safety to them, especially when they are being driven on rugged paths.

Price range of standard strollers: You can buy a variety of lightweight standard strollers or umbrella stroller in the price range of $20 to $900. Some good quality strollers with enhanced features will cost you more than $900.

3. Jogging Strollers


These strollers are specially designed for those parents who want to go jogging while taking care of their babies at the same time. With jogging strollers, you can maintain your physique while your baby can enjoy the ride.

Pros of jogging strollers: These strollers can be used on all kinds of roads due to quality wheels and easy maneuverability.

Cons of jogging strollers: Infants should not be put in jogging strollers, since this can risk their safety while you jog or run with the stroller. It can only be used when the baby is above six months and can already support their heads and necks.

Price Range: Depending upon their quality and safety measures, the jogging strollers are available in the market in the price range of $90 to $800.

4. Double Stroller


If you have more than one young kid, then double strollers will serve you well when you go on outings with them. Some double strollers have side-to-side reclined seats while others have back-and-front seats.

Pros of double strollers: Double strollers are economical since you do not have to buy individual strollers for your kids. You can maneuver both of your kids at the same time in the double stroller.

Cons of double strollers: Since you have to maneuver two kids at the same time, you might find double strollers heavier in weight.

Price Range: There are a variety of double strollers is available in the market in the price range of $90 to $600.

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